About the Trail

The Dumoine River in Western Quebec is one of the last free flowing, undammed, unsettled wild river tributaries left in the Ottawa River Watershed. This is unique, especially for a river that has had human habitation, exploration, and exploitation for over a thousand years. The Quebec government protected the Dumoine River corridor as an Aquatic Reserve in 2009.

Today for the first time in sixty years you can hike the lower Dumoine as well as canoe it. A group of volunteers called Friends of Dumoine has cut open the entire Tote Road Trail and established twenty wilderness campsites, many on the old river drive stopping places, to make the trail a wonderful hiking experience.

Partners Zec Dumoine, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and Friends of Dumoine are working hard to research the history of the Dumoine Families, ancient portages, stopping places, fire towers, shanty camps, and the natural highlights of the trail to bring it all to life for you when you choose to visit the trail in person or virtually on this website.

The Dumoine Tote Road Trail highlights the incredible things that can be accomplished when groups of people come together to support a cause.

Please visit us often and support our work.

Thanks for your help!

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Due to your efforts, we raised over $26,000 for the Dumoine Tote Road Trail and its restoration.

To continue to support the trail, check out our silent auction website at the link below to see our partners and find other ways to get involved!

Bald Eagle Cliff
Bald Eagle Cliff
Dumoine Tote Road Trail overlooking the Dumoine River
Dumoine Tote Road Trail overlooking the Dumoine River
View down the Dumoine River
View down the Dumoine River
Southern trailhead dock
Southern trailhead dock
Rapides along the Dumoine
Rapids along the Dumoine
sunset over the Dumoine
Sunset over the Dumoine

The vision

“The Dumoine Valley has been my work and playground for over fifty years. Since 1969 I have tried to visit it at least once each season. The creation of this trail is a great contribution to allow another way travellers and guides can enjoy and interpret the Dumoine River's history and natural environment... Imagine yourself in the company of 19th century travellers using this tote road, pointing out the places they stayed and the work they did with things they left behind. Discover blazes, lost relics, old campsites, squared timbers, tools and building foundations as you walk with them through history."

- Wally Schaber Friends of the Dumoine

Self Portrait on the Petawawa River, a painting by Bill Mason
Self Portrait on the Petawawa River by Bill Mason

Meet the partners

Friends of the Dumoine River

Since we started the reopening of the Dumoine Tote Road Trail in 2019, it has been a labour of love by many volunteers who are proud to call themselves Friends of Rivière du Moine.

ZEC Dumoine

The ZEC Dumoine is proud to be part of the Dumoine Tote Road Trail initiative and hopes to share the magnificent territory with all nature enthusiasts.


The Ottawa Valley Chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS-OV) is proud to support the development and ongoing maintenance of the Dumoine Tote Road Trail.